Toilet Fizz & Cleaning Dust Fizzers
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Toilet Fizz & Cleaning Dust Fizzers

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Toilet Fizz & Cleaning Dust Fizzers

Toilet fizzers...give your toilet a bath bomb!

Toilet fizz is great for naturally cleaning & disinfecting the inside of your toilet. Shake a little into your toilet bowl and watch the magic fizz & foam away! It will leave your toilet beautifully scented and will help clean the toilet pipes too. Use your toilet brush around the bowl for extra cleanliness.

Can also be added to your mop bucket, sink plug holes, general cleaning such as sinks & baths. You can also dilute 2 spoons inside a spray bottle. Effective at removing hard water stains, soap scum, calcium deposits, rust & lime.

Store in a cool, dry place until ready to use. 

This is a tester size, you get a 45g bag of fizzer dust.

Larger Size Coming Soon


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