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Sandalwood & Rose ~ Fragrant Wax Melts Snap Bar ~ Tarts Pot

Scentful Homes

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Sandalwood & Rose ~ Fragrant Wax Melts Snap Bar ~ Tarts Pot
Sandalwood & Rose ~ Fragrant Wax Melts Snap Bar ~ Tarts Pot
Sandalwood & Rose ~ Fragrant Wax Melts Snap Bar ~ Tarts Pot

Wax melts highly scented with a strong seductive blend of sweet perfumed rose petals and masculine sandalwood.

Choose from 50g Snap Bar or 85g Pot.

Our soy wax melts will simply fill your home with incredible home fragrance for hour after hour. They will fragrance an average size room with ease.

~ Snap Bars:  Each bar weighs around 50g of natural pure soy pleasure. The moulds are filled to the very top.

~ Wax Melt Pots:  Each pot contains  85g of natural pure soy pleasure. The pots are filled to the very top.

~ Donuts:  Each Melt/Tart weighs around 10g of natural pure soy pleasure.

~ We use the maximum amount of fragrance oil the soy wax allows without any additives.

~ The fragrance oils & dyes we use are of the highest quality.

~ The resealable cellophane bag is specially chosen to eliminate leeching of the scent and keep fresh performance.

~ Convenient, easy to use wax melts snap bar.

~ Cute donut shaped wax melts.

~ Colour of melts may differ slightly from image due to being handmade.



~ To Use: Simply snap off the number of desired cubes & place into the resevuoir of your electric tart burner or tea light burner and enjoy!.


~ Each item is handmade to ensure superior scent throw quality.

~ All of our melts & tarts are made from 100% natural, renewable and eco-friendly soy wax, containing no harmful chemical or petroleum.

~ Soy wax lasts longer and burns cleaner than paraffin wax.

~ Our Melts are eco-friendly. You are reducing your carbon footprint by buying this melt (as opposed to other wax products). Soy wax is easy to clean off with warm water and soap. It is also a renewable resource – it won’t run out like oil.

Difference between Soy & Paraffin Wax

1. Soy wax is a natural substance made from vegetable oil (soybeans). Paraffin is made from petroleum oil. As a result Soy wax does not increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere unlike Paraffin wax.
2. It is easier to remove from surfaces (clean), just use soap & water.
3. Soy wax burns 50% longer than paraffin wax.
4. Soy wax burns cleaner and does not produce much black soot. If you burn a lot of wax products you may notice that soot will discolour your walls & soft furnishings. Paraffin wax releases a petro-carbon soot that stains.
5. The scent from soy wax is stronger and more pleasant due to the lower melting point of the wax. They also have a cleaner scent and throws better. Many notice that paraffin wax gives them headaches.

UK POSTAGE - Royal Mail or Hermes

Shipping for the wax melts is just £1 for one single snap bar or a pack of 3 donuts melts.

The shipping cost rises to £2.5 for between 2 and 4 snap bars or a pack of 4 - 13 donut shape melts.

This shipping method uses a bubble padded envelope to reduce size and costs with Royal Mail. Please note that breakages occasionally occur using this shipping method,  if this is an issue please choose the £2.95 box postage option.

If you prefer your wax melts to be shipped in a box please choose the £2.95 option. (All of this is explained within the checkout / shipping window).

All orders above £7.96, regardless of weight cost £2.95 for the standard 2nd class Royal Mail or Hermes service.

Free UK shipping is available for all orders £20 and above.

International Shipping - Royal Mail Airmail

Shipping starts at £3.95 and rises depending on the weight of your package.

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