A simple way to remove wax melts from your warmer

It’s a common problem to be sure. You’ve found your favourite wax melts but you don’t want to wait for one to finish to try your next scent. They do last a very long time after all. Well we have a solution that allows you to swap your wax melts in your oil burner whenever you like. Freeze them! It sounds odd but it really works. Here’s how to easily remove a scented melt from your wax warmer, save it and use at a later date.
  1. Extinguish your tea light & let your burner cool completely

  2. Remove the tea light from your burner

  3. Place the whole ceramic oil burner (or the glass dish on some burners) into your freezer for 10-20 minutes

  4. Remove the burner from the freezer and you will see that the solid wax has “popped” off from the burner

  5. Place the wax disc in a little plastic bag to keep it as fresh as possible (or discard if finished)

  6. Place a new Scentful Homes Wax Tart in your Oil Burner and relight a tea light

  7. Repeat as often as you like!

It really is that simple to remove a wax tart from your oil burner. Freeze and set them free!
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