20% SALE ~ ENTER CODE - WINTER20 ~ UK p&p £1 - £2.95 maximum no matter how much you order! FREE DELIVERY OVER £20

We now offer an open box option!

This allows you to buy little & often but just pay one lot of postage.
It means that you can save money on postage and avoid missing out on offers / discounts.

How it works...

To open a box place your order as normal but click on the Open Box UK shipping option at checkout.

We will put your orders to one side then pay the shipping once you are ready to have yout items delivered.

If your box total is £20 or over you will be eligable for free shipping.

If your final order is not above £20, please use the 'CloseBox ' code at checkout to qualify for free shipping at checkout.
Note: any use of this code outside an open box order will be cancelled and refunded.

If your closed box order total is not above £20, you will be required to pay for postage.

When you are ready to have your items delivered, place your final order then chose the postage option you require.

Your box will be closed and your melts dispatched.

Terms & Conditions

Payment is required each time you add something to your box.

Your box will stay open for a maximum of 90 days from the date you open it.

A reminder will be sent to make payment once the 90 days are up.

Any box not paid for after 3 reminders have been sent will be cancelled. The items will be returned to our stock and no refund will be given.

If you open a box then you agree to these terms and conditions.

This offer is only available for UK customers.