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How To Use Fragrant Wax Melts & Tarts

About Our Scented Wax Melts

All Scentful Homes soy melts - tarts are hand-poured using only carefully selected high quality fragrances and soy wax.


How to use

Just pop a wax melt or wax tart on a suitable oil burner and as the wax melts it produces a lovely fragrance. (do not add water)
Once the fragrance fades and just before is resets, just wipe the remaining wax with a paper towel. If the wax has already hardened, place the burner in the fridge for approx 15 minutes, the cold shrinks the wax and it should pop out easily.

Note: Wax melts will not evaporate like oil & water burners, the wax will remain but the fragrance will fade.


If you want to change scents before your current wax has lost it's fragrance, simply wait for the wax to solidify, cool in the fridge and place into your cellophane bag. This will keep your wax in condition until you decide to remelt it.