Create Unique Custom Wax Melt Blends

Our wax melts are conveniently shaped like a chocolate bar with easy snap cubes. We chose to focus on this shape of wax melt because of it's convenience and design.

This shape of this wax melt means it is easy to store. Just pop them into a little box so that you can flip through your fragrance wax melts with ease.

They are also very easy to use. No knife is required to divide the wax melt, just simply snap of a cube or two.


Creating Your Own Custom Blends

There is nothing better than finding your perfect personalised perfume or home fragrance. You could even create a special custom melt fragrance for each room in your home. Our fragranced wax melt bars are ideal for this as they are easily divided into cubes which will be almost equal in weight allowing you to create your own unique wax melt blend.

The easiest way to blend 2 fragranced melts is to simply place equal amounts of each scented melt into the warmer. Example: 2 cubes of each wax melt. You may find that one fragrance dominates over the other so next time use less of the stronger fragranced melt. Example: 1 cube of wax melt plus 3 cubes of the 2nd fragranced melt.

You could try blending 3 fragrances for a more complex aroma.

Be creative with your imagination and have fun creating your own perfect, unique custom blends wax melts.


Custom Blend Ideas

Bluebells & Fresh Cut Grass

Parma Violet & Snow Fairy

Lavender & Cotton

Apple & Mint

Apple & Rose

Apple & Vanilla

Lavender & Baby Powder

Jasmine & Vanilla

Vanilla, Raspberry & Strawberry

Mint & Strawberry

Clean Cotton & Cherry Rose

Strawberry & Creme Brulee

Rose & Baby Powder

Orange & Lavender

Raspberry & Lavender

Creme Brulee & Strawberry

Kiwi & Strawberry

Shortbread & Strawberry

Lavender & Sweet Pea

Praline & Vanilla

Rose, Lavender, & Vanilla

Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, & Strawberry

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