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The Rhubarb Collection

We love the taste and aroma of rhubarb. Rhubarb crumble is our favourite dessert but we cannot decide which rhubarb blend we enjoy the most - we love them all!

Our Rhubarb Blend Fragranced Wax Melts Tarts

Rhubarb & Rose ~ A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits. This is dupe for the famous MB perfume. A complex and desirable aroma.

FRAGRANT WAX MELTS Shop for Rhubarb & Rose Wax Melts








Rhubarb & Vanilla ~ A divine tangy rhubarb belnded with creamy smooth vanilla. The addition of vanilla softens the fruity tang.

scented wax melts and tarts






Shop for Rhubarb & Vanilla Wax Melts


Rhubarb & Custard ~ A mouth-watering sweet shop memory of sharp fruity top notes of rhubarb and gooseberry combined with sweet raspberry and vanilla with a hint of balsamic musky florals. 

fragrant wax melts







Shop for Rhubarb & Custard Candle Wax Melts


Rhubarb & Blackberry ~ A sweet and fruity delight. Custard, vanilla, malt, cream, red berries and pink rhubarb combine in this super strong fragrance.

scented wax melts and tarts







Shop for Rhubarb & Blackberry Wax Melts


Rhubarb & Strawberry ~ A fresh, fruity strawberry and rhubarb blend supported by notes of raspberry, green apple, pear and vanilla. 

candle wax melts









Shop for Rhubarb & Strawberry Candle Melts


Black Plum & Rhubarb ~ A vibrant fruity accord of juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb supported with interludes of ripe pear and sweet peach.

fragrant wax meltsShop for Black Plum & Rhubarb Wax Melts


Browse our huge selection of fragrtanced wax melts and tarts.

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