The Magic of Fragrance


Smelling a desirable aroma can be a very pleasant experience. Studies such as mood-mapping have shown that scents can enhance specific emotions. There are eight major mood factors such as depression, stress, sensuality, irritation, apathy, stimulation, enhancement of happiness and relaxation. Fragrances also trigger memories.
Happy ~ Mood-Boosting Aromas
Bakery scents have shown to enhance empathy in people by increasing kindness levels. Shop for bakery fragranced wax melts & tarts.

fragrant wax meltsfragrant wax meltsfragranced melts

Orange based aromas are uplifting to the mind and body and gives support to a positive mood. Shop for orange scented fragranced wax melts & tarts.

fragrant wax tartsfragrant wax meltsscented wax melts
Peppermint & lemon based scents are invigorating aromas, affecting mind, body and soul. They can improve concentration and mood and increase alertness. 

fragrant wax tartsscented wax tartsscented wax melts
Stress and anxiety can be relieved with the aroma of cedarwood, lavender, lime, rose, clary sage and lemongrass to name a few.

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