The Lavender Collection

Lavender is one of the most fragrant herbs available. It has many benefits and is used in aromatherapy, perfumes, herbal medicines, ornamental products and for culinary purposes - adding sugary floral flavour to dishes. It has various medicinal qualities, has very low toxicity and fantastic antiseptic qualities. It is a beautiful aromatic shrub that usually produces purple flowers with an average height of 60 cm (2 feet).
Lavender comes from the same herb family as mint, sage, basil and rosemary . Top quality lavender plants are used to make honey. The flowers are rich in nectar which attracts various pollinators. 
The aroma lavender produces is a strong, unforgettable herbal fresh-floral aroma. It is well known for it's calming and relaxing effects. It can also revitalise someone who is feeling tired or run down. 
We have several lavender based fragranced wax melts. The addition of a second or third fragrance creates beautiful, subtle lavender aromas.
fragrant wax melt - lavender - awaken
A lavender blend with fresh top notes of lavender, floral middle notes of jasmine with fruity accent of red fruits, base notes of sandalwood and musks.
 fragranced melts
A strong uplifting blend of fresh lavender and peppery geranium.
fragrant soy melts
 A classic combination blend of relaxing lavender and soothing herbal chamomile. 
 fragranced melts
A sensual and soothing blend of fresh French lavender, herbal chamomile & vanilla bean.
scented soy wax melts
A strong highly fragrant blend of uplifting lemon and soothing lavender, a true feel-good combination.
fragranced wax tarts
A strong uplifting blend of fresh clean lime and deep purple lavender.
wax melts
A sensual soothing blend of french lavender and vanilla bean.
scented wax tarts
Soy Wax Melts Bar highly scented with a magical soothing blend of lavender, chamomile, amber, vanilla, soft musk, warm woods and light spices. 
fragrant melts
Wax Melts Cube Bar highly scented with a dupe of the L*SH scent with a similar name (When Day Turns To Night). A relaxing, calming blend of Lavender, Creamy Tonka & Ylang Ylang.
fragranced melts
Soy Wax Melts Cube Bar highly scented with a dupe of the L*SH scent with a similar name. With intoxicating layers of orange, spices and patchouli and cleansing pine.  Notes: orange, patchouli, pine, lavandin, lemongrass, elemi, cassie.
A fragrance reminiscent of the Unstoppable scent boosters from Lenor – with similar notes. This blend has a luxurious level of lavender, silky vanilla, and gentle cedar undertones.

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